You're not a smoker...Pot and Life Insurance, finally ok.

Hello my fellow millennials,

I come bearing good news. That thing you thought that held you back from being eligible for Life Insurance actually doesn't. Marijuana, no longer reduces your eligibility for Life Insurance. In fact, according to discussions with underwriters, using marijuana a 'few' times a months is considered normal. Only once usage becomes a 'lifestyle' does it affect your eligibility.

The fading stigma surrounding pot usage is clear in Canadian society, with growth clearly taking shape in publically traded companies, retail stores opening and expected legislation to be released by the feds sometime this spring. This change in attitude of Canadians has rapidly trickled down to insurance underwriting. By not calling pot users 'a smoker', combined with digital applications and no medical exams, Life Insurance has never been so accessible as it is for millennials. Remember, get it while you're young and healthy, it's much cheaper between 18-30.

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Thanks for reading!

Joshua Harris BComm, MIB, LLQP