It’s Finally Happening! Life Insurance Without Needles and Urine Samples.

For term insurance, age 18-40, $1,000,000 or less in death benefit.

Many people, likely you included, have chosen to avoid life insurance because they didn't want to have the hassle of meeting with a nurse to give biometrics (blood, urine and vitals). I know this, because I, myself, was super unhappy about having to do that.

What if they find something? What are they so worried about? Gosh, I hate needles.

The excuses build and exacerbate one’s position on life insurance, ultimately leading to many people avoiding insurance when the window is best. Best because young, healthy individuals get insurance the cheapest, for obvious reasons.

For the first time in Canadian History a major insurance company, Manulife, has decided to stop the nonsense. Any individual age 18-40, seeking $1,000,000 of term insurance or less can now avoid biometric underwriting. Excluding any extenuating circumstances, this accelerated underwriting means you can have life insurance in just a few days. Trust me, you qualify for this.

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Thanks for reading!

Joshua Harris BComm, MIB