Think you, think your greatest asset.

We all love buying stuff, especially big expensive stuff that we can call ours like homes, cars and cottages. Most of us can afford these assets by working hard and paying down mortgages, small loans and car financing. 

Generally, I consider this good debt (barring the car usually), an asset you pay for with a loan that creates greater future value for you and your loved ones. Every payment you put towards the loan increases the equity side of your asset. 

But what about you?

You are the single most important asset in your life. 


Your salary pays that loan, increases that equity and ultimately grows your assets, but in an event that you lose that income due to illness or disability you may have to sell or give up the assets you've been contributing to. 

Covering yourself and your assets with Critical Illness insurance and Disability Insurance will make you feel better knowing that in an unexpected event you'll be covered. Both of these policies have 'return of premiums' meaning after a certain length of time you will get your premiums back, sort of like a piggy-bank. 

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