4 reasons to buy insurance right now

1.     If you wait, it’ll cost you

Yes, I’m certain you hear this all the time; you’re young and healthy, but what does that really mean? It means that you have the opportunity to plan as if you’ll live forever. Financial institutions don’t forget this. They give you extremely low rates on insurance products and strong plans for growing your equity long term.

2.     It’s not as expensive as you think

There is no question that we think we are all starving but in reality, at 25 years old, we have a lot of extra cash sitting around. The difference is, we don’t NEED everything we buy right now. So $50 or $100 doesn’t have such a massive effect on our lives. Believe it or not we will have huge obligations coming up in the not so distant future. Find protection now that its affordable and won’t hurt so much.

3.     Your work doesn’t give you what you think they do

You know how we always look through the glass of a fancy store and think something looks unbreakable but when you buy it, it shatters the same day? Work benefits are similar. Everyone thinks they have the best life and critical illness insurance through work but chances are it is no more than 2 times your salary for life and less than half for critical illness, which won’t be helping much when you really need it.

4.     Its not just for a mortgage

People buy insurance at different stages for different things but everyone always associates it with a mortgage. Don’t forget, it’ll pay of your student loans, your small business loan, your mortgage and help maintain a lifestyle for your loved ones.