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Recently discharged from Bankruptcy? Going through the Consumer Proposal Process?

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Consumer Proposal Insurance 

PROTECT YOUR proposal in case of job loss.

Things can be very unpredictable and that's how you ended up starting your consumer proposal, so you wouldn't want to let it lapse, neither do we. Missing three consecutive consumer proposal payments will force default, landing you worse off than where you started. With an exclusive policy you can now protect your proposal. This policy will cover the event of a lay off and is automatically combined with Life Insurance, Disability Insurance or Critical Illness Insurance that will cover the cost of your proposal. 



Life Insurance 


Qualifying for Life Insurance can be challenging after having gone through Bankruptcy or a Consumer proposal, until now! With our strategy designed just for those that have been discharged, you will finally be able to protect your family. With options to your coverage ranging up to $500,000, without any financial underwriting, you will be covered in no time. There are also large coverage options that don’t require invasive tests. Finally you have the freedom to ensure a financial future for your family, without worrying about being judged.

We are also experts in:


Whole Life Insurance

Life insurance is available for periods, called terms and for your entire life. Term insurance is good when cost is an issue and for insuring a mortgage or funds for a child. Whole Life insurance is great for creating value. The money in the policy will grow tax sheltered, with guaranteed values.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance will supplement your salary in the event you cannot work. Unlike most given work benefits, private Disability insurance will benefit you to age 65, without forcing you back to work at a job paying less than your current salary. Disability insurance often will return 50% of your premiums every 7 years and coverage will continue.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness insurance is the ultimate piggy-bank. Covering 15-25 of the most likely illnesses to occur before age 65, this insurance pays a lump sum in the event of contracting one of the illnesses. It can also return 100% of premium at the end of year 15, if cancelled. This helps you save while insuring.


Travel Insurance

The last thing you need on vacation is to have unexpected medical expenses in a foreign country. Click here to sign up yourself or contact me directly for some further guidance The form is quick and has instant approval.

Health & Dental Plans

Protecting your family, or employees can sometimes get expensive. To avoid unexpected dental, non OHIP covered procedures and prescription medication adding up; sign up here for a quote and policy or contact me directly.


Why Now?  


Making financial decisions can be challenging but protecting your family shouldn’t be. Now that you have been discharged from a bankruptcy or consumer proposal, it is time to start thinking about the future of your family’s finances. By getting started with Life Insurance you can be comfortable knowing your family will be protected when they will need it most. Life insurance is also protected from creditors in the event of a future financial issue, and come along with many great perks, including potential scholarships for your children. 



Our Advantage

We Specialize in avoiding financial underwriting.

Our goal is to find a plan that suits your needs now, and in the future. Together we will develop a strategy that helps to meet your needs and goals, while staying financially responsible and knowledgeable. 

"Personable, experienced and understanding your needs."

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